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Andreja Keš
strategy, consulting, advertising

Andreja has vast experience in digital strategy, content marketing and digital advertising. She excels at understanding what brands want and providing them with the best solution, and she’s usually the one who helps implement it in practice. Before she started her own company, she worked as Strategic Director at D’Agency digital agency (Ljubljana, Slovenia).

As an agency-based strategist she has worked with Slovenian Tourism Organization, Beko, Intersport, SEAT, AMC TV, Mercator, Grundig, NLB Vita, Modiana, Sportina, and others.

Gal Kočar
consulting, education, advertising

Gal has a wealth of experience in digital strategy, marketing and lecturing. In his 10+ year career, he managed and developed high-performance digital projects that brought his clients very visible results. Gal also teaches at Gea College and the Faculty of Entrepreneurship and is a trainer at a franchise of the Digital Marketing Institute (Dublin, Ireland). He used to be Director at the digital marketing agency GoClick (Ljubljana, Slovenia).

As an agency-based specialist, he has worked with Novartis, Microsoft, Triglav Insurance, Sava Hotels & Resorts, Telekom Slovenia, Merkur, and others.

Andrej Talajić

Andrej loves to craft beautiful things for businesses and has 11 years of experience in various fields of design. While working in a digital marketing agency, he was part of different projects for some of the leading Slovenian and international brands like Telekom Slovenia, Mercedes Benz, Triglav Insurance, Atlantic Grupa and April Group. He also earned recognition by winning awards at SOF (Slovene Advertising Festival) and Diggit (Digital Communication Conference).

Over the years, Andrej has been interested in how people engage with digital products. This has led him to become more involved in customer experience and product design.

Blaž Pregelj
creative concepts & strategy

Blaž is an online resident in love with creative digital (and physical) concepts. He has +10 years of experience in developing creative marketing solutions. He started in Big Bang, Slovenia’s biggest consumer electronics retailer, where he was in charge of content marketing, digital advertising and social media. After five years in Big Bang, he joined digital marketing agency D’Agency as Performance Marketing Director, where he worked with some of the biggest brands in the region, like Petrol, NKBM, Mercator etc.

Blaž also co-owns the first Slovenian Gamification Agency – Escapebox.

Nikolina Janković
advertising & content

Nikolina is a marketing enthusiast specialized in PPC campaigns, analytics and content production. She manages day-to-day tasks, oversees projects and is responsible for making things run smoothly.

She is also project manager at Student Section of the Slovenian Marketing Association (SŠDMS).